Why Dragonfly?

The first question most people ask when they hear the name, Dragonfly Ministries, is “Why dragonfly?” The dragonfly is a symbol of growth and development. Her life begins in water, but as she matures, she moves to the air yet always stays close to the water. She reaches her strongest physical point during the summer months as she gains optimal strength from the warmth of the sunlight. Her brilliant colors result from reflecting and refracting the radiance of that same light.</br></br>

The dragonfly serves to remind us that we too can reflect the light of God in a darkened world, by letting His Son shine through us. In a sense, we desperately need to be “dragonflies” for God. God specifically places His light (The Holy Spirit) in our hearts to teach us, guide us, and to shine through us so that others will be drawn to Him. Our light is the love of Jesus Christ. When we stay close to God, our source of life, we are at our strongest – we are essentially at His best.