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Dori Morrell

Dori Morrell- Always with a smile

Dori Morrell was a dedicated and loving woman of God with a heart for seeing others know Jesus so that their lives would be filled with faith and peace.

Dori became a part of Dragonfly Ministries in 2006 after she attended a Dragonfly retreat in Texas.  She was adamant that Mary and Martha would bring a retreat weekend to the MD/PA region so that she could invite her friends and family.  She desired to share Jesus with everyone that she knew.  Because of her passion, Dori convinced her friend Beverly to start a retreat weekend in their region for any woman who wanted to attend.

Dori tirelessly planned the Dragonfly weekend retreats by cooking, decorating, and purchasing gifts for every woman so that they would feel as special as Dori knew they were in God’s eyes.  Her laughter was contagious and her love for God and women made a great impact in her region. Dori started a prayer ministry in 2008 that reached hundreds of women and changed her community through feeding women both spiritually and physically.  Dori passed in the summer of 2015 – she was our first Dragonfly to see Jesus face to face.  Because of Dori’s great love for God, for her family, and for everyone that came into her life, she will be greatly missed.

In Honor of Dori

Dori and Famil

Dori with her husband and children

In November 2015 I (Mary) traveled to Africa.  While there I saw great poverty and hunger among the villages. Though many families in the remote parts still live in mud houses with dirt floors and draw their water with buckets; though they don’t have enough food to feed their families; and though the villagers don’t have medical aid or any way to treat illness, they have a song in their hearts and a smile on their faces. They are quick to give a high-five, a fist pound, and a hug.

I traveled with an organization that encourages sponsorship of poverty-stricken children so that the children can attend school and be guaranteed at least one meal a day.  While visiting an elementary school I asked if I could sponsor a child; “Bring me the child that God shows you.”  They brought me a beautiful 14-year-old girl. She is an orphan who lives with her grandparents.  She walks 2 miles to school through the bush. Because of her age, she is at great risk for being kidnapped, trafficked, or being placed in the workforce so that she can support the family.  With this 14-year-old girl being sponsored, her likelihood of staying in school and having a hope for the future is greatly increased.

After leaving Africa, I thought about the children who need sponsors so that they can have the basics of food and education. The Lord brought Dori to mind.  Her passion for feeding people – both physically and spiritually – lives on even though Dori has passed. I thought how proud Dori would be to have a child sponsored in her memory and to know that she had left behind a legacy of feeding folks – with food for their stomachs and their spirits.

The Dori Project is a place for “dragonflies” to sponsor a child in poverty and bring them hope.As the Lord leads, please look through the International Needs and Life Builders Ministries pages to find a child that “calls” your name. Pray for this child and inquire of the Lord as to whether He would like for you to sponsor a child. If so, the links will lead you to forms where you can complete the necessary paperwork. Both of these ministries are doing a great job of reaching out to those who are in poverty in Africa; they are great stewards of the money that they receive for sponsorships.

After you have sponsored your child, please come back and share your experience so that others can be encouraged to reach the world globally and be a dragonfly that crosses the sea, even without having to hop a plane. It will be fun for everyone who knew Dori to see how her life passion continues.

A dragonfly is one who reflects the light of Christ through their life.

-Mary Hamrick
President, Dragonfly Ministries

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