by Mary Hamrick

"Reflect on what I am saying,
for the Lord will give you insight into all this."
2 Timothy 2:7

A Prayer for You:
Oh Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth. You supply all of our needs; you open our heart and eyes to see your work and you fill our hearts with praise for your glorious and marvelous love, compassion and provision. (click for more)

Memories from Father's Day
Ah yes, Father's Day 2010. A day to honor our fathers and the father of our children. Father's Day in our home this year was laid back, as is mother's day - we have teenage sons. That could be the end of the story and all mothers with teenage boys would smile and understand. (click for more)

Christ Alone
Since moving to Illinois, I have accepted position in a full-time ministry role, traveling through the states of Wisconsin and Illinois.  I actually get paid for talking to women about Jesus!  It is the most amazing thing to me, that God would allow me to leave the corporate world of employment after 30 years, and put me in the field doing His work (Click for more)

God's Provision
Quiet times of reflection seem few and far between. These days, quiet times seem to be surrounded by music.  This insight finds me sitting in the restaurant of the House of Blues in downtown Chicago.  Our sons are attending a Christian music concert and I haven’t quite worked up the stamina to step into the hardcore metal arena of Christian screamers yet, so I sit with my salad and listen to the blues, “A Rainy Night in Georgia” plays, and I am taken to reflection of how God is faithful in providing all of our needs.  (Click for more)

Serving in Illinois
Once again, after surrendering my life to the Lord, again, here I am; here we are Settling in.  Unpacking.  Making friends. Finding a church home. Meeting prayer partners.  Discovering malls, shopping centers, grocery stores. Visiting doctors.  Shoveling snow. And enjoying this place where God has brought us. (Click for more)

Intimate Worship
Out of obedience, this young man set aside all pride and inhibitions and during this chorus, I believe I witnessed his spiritual heart-cry of sacrifice and surrender to God as he sang, “I’ll stand, with arms high and heart abandoned; in awe of the one who gave it all.  I’ll stand, my soul Lord, to you surrendered, all I have is yours.”  I could almost see God’s blessings pouring into the heart of this young man as he surrendered his heart to God. (Click for more)

Bringing the Lost
A young friend at church recently shared that he had a friend who needed Jesus and he asked, “Miss Mary, will you please pray for my friend?” Shelbi’s story was fresh on my mind, so I shared with him her story and the burden she carried for her two friends and how she prayed for her two friends, week after week, knowing that God would honor her prayers. (Click for more)

God's Words 2
The security guard looked at me and said, “step back”, which I did, but the tears flowed as I realized that I was not in control of the future of my Bible. Someone that I didn’t know was in control of the situation and it was completely her decision as to whether my Bible would return home with me or go into the trash can at the airport terminal. (Click for more)

God's Words 1
Hearing God’s word from the mouth of my children was like hearing the angels sing. As I drove in darkness, hearing the words of God spoken from the mouths of my children, the tears flowed with thanksgiving to God for that holy moment in the car with the boys, their Bibles, and His word. How precious is the sound of my Father’s word being read to me by my children. How precious that they understood how priceless and precious is the Word of God.  (Click for more)

As I began to focus on the good, I felt a warmth come over me, like you feel when you are wrapped in a quilt with your head on a pillow - warm, cozy, protected, comfortable, loved. I sensed that God was telling me, “I’ve got you. Your head is on my chest and you can hear my heartbeat. I have you wrapped with my feathers, protecting you from harm and from any attack that may come your way.   (Click for more)

As I was working in the hot trailer, I was sweating profusely, my face was red from the heat and stress of the lifting / moving, and I was thinking, “I am going to get this done so I can take a break, get some water, sit in the shade.” About that time, I heard someone say, “Miss Mary”. I looked up and saw Gordon, my 16-year old friend (one of our crew members) standing in the doorway of the trailer holding out a cup of cold water. (Click for more)

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