Our History

Dragonfly Ministries began as a website ministry in 2001 with the vision of providing encouragement, testimonies and Bible studies to women.  Our website currently receives about 25,000 hits per month with 500 unique (first time) visitors each month from 26+ different countries.  We are humbled that God speaks to and teaches women across the globe through this website ministry.

In 2003, the Lord called us into retreat ministry and our first weekend retreat was held with eleven participants in North Texas.  Though the attendance was light, the spirit of the Lord was heavy and He worked in miraculous ways in cleansing hearts and setting women apart for ministry.  When we asked, "Lord, why only eleven attendees,” He led us to a scripture in Matthew 28:19 where Jesus said to the eleven "Go ye therefore into all nations and make disciples of men."  Within a two year timeframe, the Lord had physically moved ten of the eleven women into different parts of the United States, thus confirming that this verse was the foundation for Dragonfly Ministries to become a ministry “to the nations.”

In 2006, the retreat ministry expanded into the Maryland/Pennsylvania region.  As of our 2010 roster, retreats are planned for the regions of North Texas, South Texas, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and North Carolina.  The number of participants per retreat is limited to 40-45 women so that the intimacy of the group stays in tact.   God has accomplished amazing things at these weekend retreats in the hearts and lives of the women who have attended.

Our vision for the retreat ministry is to provide weekend retreat opportunities for women from all backgrounds so that they understand the importance of a quiet time with God in building their personal relationship with Him.  We are called to minister to women from all walks of life, regardless of their age, race, or socio-economic background and led to “feed those who feed others”, whether they serve in ministry, volunteer in serving others, or work through the missionary board.  These women often find themselves needing to be strengthened by teaching, prayer, and encouragement, and we believe that God has appointed Dragonfly Ministries to fill this need – to feed those that have called on Him for “rest, renewal and sustenance”.   

As women, we carry the same need and hunger for spiritual growth, yet not all women have the financial means to afford a weekend retreat with the Lord.  Dragonfly Ministries desires to provide and offer scholarship funds or subsidized funding to any woman who expresses a real need so that finances will not limit one's ability to attend a retreat. Since our first retreat in 2003, we have ministered to approximately 420 women through our retreat ministry, and offered approximately 60 partial or full scholarships during that same time period. Approximately one in seven retreat attendees requests either a partial or full scholarship. Scholarship funds are provided by donations from previous retreat attendees, friends and family members of the ministry.  Whether serving in ministry or finding herself in a financially strapped situation, our prayer and hope is that no woman is ever turned away from a Dragonfly Ministries retreat weekend.  We have seen God’s transforming power and we desire that for every woman. 

In 2007, we added publishing to our list of outreach and discipleship ministries. Our first publication, “A Walk With Papa”, was written by Patty Zemanick.  This children’s book teaches children about life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and offers a prayer that a child can pay to invite Jesus into their hearts.  This book meets the needs of parents, teachers, ministers, and other adults in explaining the gospel message to a child. 

During our first nine years, the ministry has grown to include retreats, seminars, website materials, publications and events that speak to the heart of women in regard to their spiritual walk and growth in the Lord, all while operating on a budget of less than $18,000 per year.  To meet our growth goals for 2010, we have increased our annual budget by 300%.

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Our Mission Statement: Our desire is to instill the love of Christ in the hearts of women by teaching God’s Word, encouraging a deeper relationship with Christ and sharing our faith, so that their lives reflect the love of God to a darkened world.
Our Desire: Our deepest desire is for the hearts of women to be stirred by the Holy Spirit, prompting a longing to intimately know Jesus and pursue a deeper level of knowing God. The result of a responsive heart is a woman whose life shines so brightly for God that others will be drawn to Him through her. Faith is not private and personal, but rather, scripture tells us that our faith journey is something we share and learn from one another. Dragonfly Ministries facilitates events whereby women have opportunity for personal growth through both time alone with God, and time spent with other women.