Meet the Illustrator

In late 2000 my family and I (husband Thomas, and children Rachael and Seth at that time ages 5 and 18 months) relocated from a beautiful home in the historic district of Tampa, Florida to a new home in Greenville, SC. The move was to be a milestone in my HR career, my springboard into executive management. Two and 1/2 years later, due to organizational changes and internal turmoil, I found myself unemployed. With this dramatic change, I began questioning and searching for my purpose in life. Hours were spent daily in the Bible and in talks with God.

Six months later, we lost our dear Grandmother, and a month later we lost the heart of our family, our Dad. Time spent with God became more intense, and as a result, my faith became stronger than ever before. During this time of loss, my sister (Mary) mentioned a wonderful story that needed an illustrator. As I read this beautiful story, beautiful images flooded my mind. I asked Mary to present me to Patty as a potential illustrator for the book, and to pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit. (My degree is in Visual Arts, but I had only used my love for art in doing work for myself and loved ones.)

Patty and Mary prayed, and returned to me with affirmation they’d like for me to illustrate ‘A Walk with Papa’. Through the losses I had in 2003 and 2004, God has blessed me with new direction and purpose – an eternal purpose of serving Him. God’s work through Patty, Mary, and all of Dragonfly Ministries is a work that has eternal impact. Thanks be to God for this book and the lives that have been and will be touched to glorify Him. Selah.