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The Story Behind the Story
Several years ago I found myself thinking about my childhood. In my mind’s eye I could see my Dad taking my brother, sisters and me on one of our many walks into the woods. Dad would lead the way with all six children following close behind. Our favorite walk was on a piece of land we’ve always referred to as “The Farm.” We’d begin our journey in a field, then make our way into a forest, follow a stream, then head back home. It was a long walk, especially for little legs and feet, but we loved that time with our father dearly. He’d stop and show us things along the way. His passion for the outdoors became ours too. The memories of those walks began to stir up feelings inside of me so I started to write them down. What happened next is the amazing part. God took control of the wheel. I intended to tell the story of a walk with my earthly father. God used it to take us on a walk with Him. He introduces us to His son, Jesus Christ, and the salvation story unfolds.

This little story has been on a walk of its own. It was reviewed by a literary agent, she forwarded it to many potential publishers, but none were interested… “too evangelical” they’d say, so the story was tucked away. But, my friend Mary Hamrick never gave up hoping it would be published. She had a vision for the story and God placed a burden on her heart to see it through. God also gave her sister, Sam Hammack, the artistic ability to bring the pages to life with her lovely illustrations. Dragonfly Ministries took on the project and God began to number the steps. Each person involved carried the story like a torch, adding their special gift then passing it along. I believe this story is a testimony of God’s love and faithfulness to His people and their love and faithfulness to Him.

The other day I received a package in the mail from Mary. It was a print-ready version of the story. I’ve read it at least a thousand times, but this was the first time I’d seen it all dressed up in its Sunday best with the illustrations and words arranged so wonderfully. I read it aloud to myself. When I turned to the last page, scripture verses were listed. I began to read those aloud as well. The tears began to fall… great big tears of joy. Tears because what you likely don’t know is that I was brand new in God’s Word when He gave me the story. It would have been a difficult task indeed for me to have written it in a way that was scripturally correct and rhyming to boot and yet it flowed from my heart and fingertips so easily. Hearing God tell the salvation story again, in His own words, filled me with great joy and a deep sense of knowing that He approved.

Please join me in prayer that our Heavenly Father would use this story in a mighty way, to open the hearts and minds of those who read it.


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