• Our Purpose

    Dragonfly Ministry's primary purpose is to encourage women toward knowing Jesus and growing in their faith, while teaching them to face their life journey through the lens of their faith.

    Our desire....

Welcome, Friend

Welcome to Dragonfly Ministries. Our purpose is to provide encouragement for the Christian walk in a world that desperately needs those who are children of God through salvation in Jesus Christ. We are called to be light –to be different - to both look and act differently than what the world has grown to expect of cultural Christians. We are called to know Christ so intimately that we walk as He walked and we love as He loved. In the pages that follow, may you be encouraged and inspired to live your Christian walk out loud – worshipping Him radically and loving others with unconditional love and grace. In the pages that follow, our prayer is that you will find encouragement in your journey. Send us a note or a prayer request on the Prayers page to let us know how you are doing or how we can pray for you.